Easy Reflective - Cutting Heat Transfer Film - DuZallprint by TERUMI ENTERPRISE Japan/China

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Easy Reflect of TERUMI

Easy Reflect is a popular version of Reflective Silver.
It is featured nearer a performance from Reflective Silver.


  Roll :   50cm x 30M (19.5' x 32 yds)
  Material :   Polyurethane
  Film thickness :   120μ (.12mm)
  Carrier :   PET (75μ)
  Finish :   Matte


color of easy reflect by terumi

Recommend Fabric

  •100% cotton
  •100% polyester
  •poly/cotton blends


  Temp. :   160℃ (320°F)
  Pressure :   Medium
  Press Time 1 :   5 sec.
  Peel :   Cold
  Press Time 2 :   10 sec.

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